Bis später, arrivederci,totsiens vir nou,じゃあね, na razie, adiós por ahora, later sham…

Cosmos Field Munster Showgrounds

Unfortunately the time has come to call a halt to the Cosmos journey. The Cosmos organization came a very long way in a very short space of time. In 4 years, to go from 3 lads throwing a ball around Kennedy Park to 2 full adult teams in the national league and a fledgling youths program is an achievement in itself. The Cosmos achieved in 4 years more than many teams in Ireland have achieved in 20. More importantly,thanks to the framework provided by the Cosmos, many people found the transition of moving to Cork from abroad a lot easier, made a lot of friends and contacts, and learned how to play the game. Unfortunately,some found the training too advanced, and struggled to adapt to more progressive methods employed, but thanks to the old ‘adage if you throw enough …. at a wall’ which was always the bedrock of the Cosmos coaching philosophy, all who attended improved as players.

Thanks to the efforts of the Cosmos and predecessor teams the Cork Druids and the Munster warriors, the game of baseball is still alive in Cork. Thankfully, another organization has also sprung up to try and fill the sporting void left by the Cosmos, albeit with a different focus ,so if you are more interested in the social side of sport, want to get some exercise and try your hand at baseball get along to the If however you are looking for something a bit more competitive check out fastpitch softball and the start-up team in Cork

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