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There are currently men and women from 11 different countries in our squad – Italy, United States, Canada, Korea, Poland, South Africa,Venezuela, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain and Laois.

3 years ago on a wet and windy night at Nemo Rangers http://www.nemorangers.ie/ a couple of hardy souls convened to try and resurrect the game of Baseball in Cork.We have lost some good players along the way but gained so many more. Many venue changes, cancelled sessions and disagreements later the squad has grown to the point where we can take the next step and enter the league.

We got some help from the brilliant Peter Danohoe at Schutt Sports https://www.linkedin.com/in/peter-donahoe-733a359/ who was eager to support baseball in the ‘old country’. He hooked us up with some snazzy gear to get us underway. Sound man Peter!

We welcome everyone no what their experience level, age, creed, colour, nationality, sexuality, gender and any other identity there is. We believe firmly in diversity.

Youths & Schools Baseball

Youth training will get underway again on Saturday 15th Janaury at 2pm in Nemo Rangers

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