Baseball in Cork

Red Sox Manager and Cobhman Patsy Donovan

It is a little know fact that the man largely credited with discovering all-time great Babe Ruth was born in Cobh, County Cork. Patsy Donovan went onto to play for the Red Sox and St. Louis among others before managing the Red Sox for two seasons.

You can read excellent article about the great man here

Cork also hosted one of the first ever baseball games to take place in Europe during World War One at the Mardyke. The match took place between sailors from 2 US warships docked in Cork harbour. Read the full account of the game and the commemorative game which took place in July 2017 at Cork County Cricket Club here ;

Baseball survived in Cork albeit under the auspices of the now defunct Munster Warriors team thanks largely to the efforts of Wade Lynch.Unfortunately for Cork Wade has moved on to pastures new to continue his baseball adventure with Herts Baseball as player manager. Wade is particularly handy from the hill but he is also a dab hand with the guitar and can hold a tune with the best of ’em. Honorary Rebel.

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